7 Powerful Mantras To Help You Have a Fabulous Day

7 Powerful Mantras To Help You Have a Fabulous Day

I’ll never forget the first time I was introduced to the concept of a mantra. At the time, I was involved in network marketing and had been listening to a training from one of the top leaders in the company. After the woman was done with her presentation, she took a few questions from the audience, one of which was:

“How do you stay so confident and positive during times when things in your business have fallen apart?”

And with a big smile on her face, she answered, “Mantras, my friend.”

If I’m being totally honest, at first it sounded a little too “woo woo” for my taste. I couldn’t imagine myself getting up every morning, looking myself in the mirror and telling myself how great I was until I started to believe it. In my mind, doing so wasn’t empowering at all, it was just embarrassing.

But then she continued on to explain how mantras don’t have to be these cliche sayings that feel robotic and inauthentic. They can be any combination of words that help to empower us and remind us that we have immense talent and power within us that shouldn’t be hidden from the world.

After hearing this, I started to become more intrigued and decided to do some research on my own about mantras and how they actually work. And what I found was pretty darn interesting. And it was interesting enough for me to start creating mantras of my own to help me get into the right mindset to tackle each day.

You see, over the years I’ve learned that what we say to ourselves truly does matter. Every thought that we have has its own vibration. And whatever that vibration is, whether it be positive or negative, has the ability to attract the same energy into our lives. Plus, the more you hear something, the more ingrained it becomes in your brain and the more likely you are to accept it as your truth. Which is why it’s so important that we make it a point to fill our minds with positive and helpful information that can help propel us forward in life.

So how exactly do you go about making mantras a part of your daily routine?

Every person is going to go about making mantras part of their daily routine in unique and different ways. There really is no wrong way to start incorporating mantras and positive thinking into our lives. My best advice is to engage in a process that feels good to you and one that will be the most effective given your lifestyle and daily schedule.

However, I do know that sometimes it’s helpful to have some sort of example of how others go about taking on a task like this, so I’m happy to share what my process is with you in hopes that it will help you to create your own unique “Mantra Routine” to help you stay positive, empowered and grounded throughout the day 🙂

My Daily Mantra Routine

Before I start diving into reciting my daily mantra, I try to get my mind in the best possible space it can be. And for me, that means starting off by praying and thanking God for all of the blessings in my life and engaging in a few minutes of deep breathing and mindfulness to help relax into the process. Sometimes I’ll even light a nice smelling candle like lavender or myrrh to help relax my mind and my body so that I can be as receptive as possible to the words the mantras that are about to come out of my mouth.

I for one, don’t actually stand in the mirror to recite my daily mantras. In fact, I’ve tried doing so in the past and it just didn’t feel right or authentic to who I am. This may not be the case for you, but I decided that the best way for me to go about this process would be to do it in the comfort of my bedroom while sitting in a relaxed pose. I tend to either sit up with my legs crossed in almost a half lotus position or in savasana where you lie flat on your back.

( Totally not a Yogi yet, but I’m learning 😉 )

Once I’m comfortable, I take out my little journal where I have my favorite and most effective mantras written down and I start to recite them one by one, over and over again until I feel it is ingrained in my brain and into my soul, which is usually about 10-20 times. And when I first started reciting mantras, I would do it with my eyes open because I had a hard time remembering the exact wording of what I wanted to say without reading it. However, eventually, I started to be able to recite them without looking which helped me transition into saying my mantras with my eyes closed. And by the end of my routine, I feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day with the belief that I can handle anything that comes my way.

Here are 7 of my favorite personal mantras


  • I am eternally grateful for the endless abundance and blessings present in my life.
  • I am strong, confident, and am capable of having a positive impact on the world.
  • I am happy, I am healthy and I am whole.
  • Financial Abundance is an endless resource that is available to me at any moment that I choose.
  • I am cherished, I am appreciated, and I am immensely loved.
  • I have the power to make today a fabulous day, regardless of what events take place.
  • My goals, dreams, and vision for my life are 100% attainable and well within my reach.

Remember my friends, our thoughts create our reality. What we think and what we believe ultimately shapes us and the experiences that we have throughout our lifetime. And it becomes who we are. Which is why it’s so important to make sure that we set aside time each day to get our minds right and in a positive space. Because doing so can make such an amazing difference not only in our lives but the lives of those around us <3